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Our Flower Farm

Chemical-free and sustainable farming by the dynamic mother-daughter duo. 

Sarah Rose Bloom and her mother, Jan Slater, grow over 10,000 edible flowering plants in the pristine, rich river soils on Australia's Murray River. Using organic and biodynamic farming principles, they’ve been farming flowers for nearly two decades, starting with the southern hemisphere's first rose petal farm, Simply Rose Petals®.
Their flower farm is watered via the most efficient drip irrigation technology, using a mere 3% of their water allocation. Water is delivered using solar power and a diligent composting and mulching regime is adhered to, ensuring that the rich river soils are consistently replenished and improved.
Today Jan and Sarah continue to grow an ever-expanding range of safe and sustainable edible flowers for culinary creatives worldwide at Bloomish™ by Simply Rose Petals®.

Bloomish Edible Flower Farm     

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