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Our Heritage

Mum and I are so excited to share the story of our flower-farming heritage which spans nearly 40 years and 4 generations of female farmers!

My marvellous Mum started her first commercial flower farm in the early 80's and it wasn't long before I was "chief receptionist" on the farm at the wise old age of 5 (at least I thought I was)!

Obviously my entrepreneurial spirit (desire to buy pretty things for my pony) kicked in pretty early and no-one was spared my sales attempts. My primary school friends were sold lace potpourri bags that I hand-stitched for presents for their grandmas.

My biggest money making endeavour involved "drying" rose petals in the microwave for the House and Garden stores. $50 per bag for a 10 year old in the 80's felt like I'd won the lottery! Hard lessons were learnt of course when all the rose petals went mouldy and I lost my contract!

Pioneering the Southern Hemisphere's First Rose Petal Farm

So jump ahead a couple of decades that included relocations, marriage, divorce, university, losing close family members... to 2004 when Mum and I started the first rose petal farm in the southern hemisphere, Simply Rose Petals.

It's been a tremendous journey at Simply Rose Petals. One filled with many adventures and awards. We've won nearly twenty Australian Bridal Industry Awards and I've personally been honoured with the inaugural Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award for an Australian businesswoman under 40.

Jan Slater and Sarah Rose Bloom tossing edible rose petals.     

Studying All Things Edible Flowers Overseas

Fast forward a few years and I was generously sponsored by Horticulture Innovation Australia to travel overseas looking at the production of culinary rose petals.

I fell in love with all manner of edible flowers and the beauty they bestowed upon food during my travels. It seemed surprising to me that no-one was freeze drying edible flowers. Many of the restaurants and cafes I spoke to complained that their fresh edible flowers wilted and browned before they could use the whole container. Another one of my pet hates... food waste!

Yet I knew that I could create beautiful freeze dried edible flowers that would keep perfectly for years in the pantry using similar technology to our rose petal farm, Simply Rose Petals.

Whilst I was overseas my Mum and Dad planted our first crop of edible flowers (that weren't roses) so that as I returned home they were blooming beautifully and ready to be freeze dried. What was our first edible flower (apart from roses of course)? Black cornflowers! 

Co-Founding the World's First Freeze Dried Edible Flowers

In 2014 we became the world's first freeze dried edible flower farm. Today my marvellous Mum, Jan Slater, my amazing 95 year old Nanna, my cute as a button daughter little Lily, Warehouse Wonder Lucy, and myself along with generous amounts of support from my father Brian and my partner Travis, are proud to deliver you the most blooming beautiful freeze dried edible flowers direct from our family farm.

Bring your floral cakes, creative cocktails and flower cupcakes to life with our Bloomish Boxes and freeze dried edible flowers.

A world-first product. A heritage spanning 40 years.

Have a blooming beautiful day (pardon the pun)!

With love,
Sarah Rose Bloom xx 
Co-Founder, Bloomish by Simply Rose Petals.

P.S. Please share your creations with us (we LOVE to see them):
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Jan and Sarah at Bloomish Edible Flower Farm

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