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Subscribe For Less Than The Cost of One Jar!

With a Baker's Box subscription you can receive an entire box of world-first blooms that are certified edible and organically and sustainably grown on our Australian farm for less than the cost of one jar of edible flowers! If you don't use them every month, it doesn't matter because they keep for 6 months! And every box is carefully curated and hand-packed by our founder, Sarah Bloom!

What's in the box?

Every delivery you will receive a carefully curated collection of freeze dried edible flowers. Although every Bloomish Box is a magnificent surprise, what we can tell you is that with every delivery you'll get to enjoy creating floral cakes and flower cupcakes with at least 25 beautiful blooms with a Baker's Bloomish Box or at least 75 of our finest blooms with our Bespoke Bloomish Box (saving 40% per box if you subscribe).

All of our freeze dried edible flowers look freshly picked, are 100% natural,organically grown, certified edible and freeze dried to perfection for your pantry storage.

Your freeze dried edible flowers are both eco-friendly and edible! If you don't get to use all of your blooms in one month, then you can pop them in a sealed container in your pantry and use them 6 months later!

Our Bloomish Boxes are the World's First Edible Flower Subscription Boxes! Every box is blooming to the brim with a carefully curated selection of:

- Baby Blooms: petite edible flowers perfect for cocktails and cupcakes.
- Bold Blooms: larger edible flowers perfect for your show-stopping creations.
- Flowerfetti: all natural edible flower sprinkles and pretty petals.

And for our Bespoke Bloomish Box subscribers, your box will always include:
- Bespoke Blooms: limited edition edible flowers grown exclusively for our Bespoke Bloomish Box subscribers.

The packaging of your blooms varies each month. Your box may include individual boxes, tubs and jars depending on what is most suitable for the different flowers in transit. This image is just one example of some of the boxes we've sent.

With our Baker's Box, Bespoke Box and Bespoke Seasonal Box, you can choose the box that perfectly meets your creative needs.

One-time and subscription options are available, so what are you waiting for?

A sneak peek at some of our freeze dried edible flowers

Our customers love our freeze dried edible flowers!

"Bloomish freeze dried edible flowers are nothing but spectacular and never fail to take any dessert to the next level.

Their quality, aesthetic and detail are second to none. We don't, and won't, work with any other edible flower company!"
The Sunday Baker, Sydney, Australia.

Photos of The Sunday Baker's spectacular sponge cakes embellished with our freeze dried edible flowers, supplied by @thesundaybakerau

Floral cake decorated with freeze dried edible flowers from Bloomish.

Our Freeze Dried Edible Flowers - As Seen On

Our clever customers

Beautiful creations with our freeze dried edible flowers by our very clever customers.

Far left image: super talented Natalie's classy cupcakes @alcakemy;
Second image: star-baker Simone's pretty pastel cupcakes @simscakes18.
Third image: lovely Loren's elgant Christening cake @sprinklesandcreamcakes.
Far right image: fabulous Jacqueline's special sponge with flowers and fruit @thesundaybaker.


How should I store my edible flowers?

Our freeze dried edible flowers are best stored at room temperature in a cool, dark cupboard like your kitchen pantry. Flowers received in jars should be stored in the jars whereas flowers received in boxes should be popped in a tightly sealed plastic container or stored in any bags provided.

When will my box arrive?

We have a limited release of 100 Bloomish Box subscriptions. If you purchase one of these subscriptions, your first box will be dispatched within 7 days of your order being received. Once your first box is on its way, we reset your subscription so that your future boxes will be sent out in the middle of each month.

Approximate delivery times after your box has left the Bloomish Farm are:
4 - 10 days: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide Metro and Regional Victoria.
7 - 15 days: Perth, Tasmania, NSW, ACT, QLD, WA, SA and International.

Can I try just one box?

Bloomish Boxes of edible flowers are only available as part of a subscription. If you'd like to try just one box, we recommend a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time. We just need 2 days notice prior to your subscription renewing.

Can I choose what is in my box?

Bloomish Boxes are all about discovery so the contents of the box are a surprise. Each month we curate a collection of our most beautiful seasonal blooms, many of which are only available in a Bloomish Box.

Freeze dried edible rose bloom.

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