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Grown by my Mum, my daughter and I on our family farm on the Murray River in Australia, our pristine Flowerfetti® is a world-first. Forget that shrivelled up, crispy, air dried flower confetti... our Freeze Dried Flowerfetti® is completely natural, looks fresh and full of life and maintains its vibrant colour when stored in the pantry!

Our farm-ily picks each organic bloom by hand, removing the delicate petals from the edible flowers before placing them in the freeze drier to naturally preserve their unmatched beauty. After inventing freeze dried edible flowers over a decade ago, Mum and I scaled up our flower farm so that today we grow 52 types of edible flowers (and thousands of plants).

Every unique colour of Flowerfetti is a special blend of up to 18 types of organic edible flowers! And we have over 10 colours for you to choose from!! But... shhhh, don't let the secret out because our beautiful blooming blends are a bit like The Kernel's secret KFC recipe... we don't tell anyone the exact formula!

What's your favourite colour of our Flowerfett®? Let me know your favourite blend or colour with a message over on our Instagram @bloomishco and I'll share my top tips for using our Flowerfetti®!

Be bold and bloom,
Sarah Rose Bloom xx 🌸
Inventor of Freeze Dried Edible Flowerfetti®

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