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Our Blooms Collection is a curated selection of our finest, full-bloom freeze dried edible flowers. Because they are super easy to store, they are also incredibly versatile. Our customers range from home bakers in suburban Melbourne right through to the most upmarket cocktail bars in Sydney.

We update this stunning collection regularly as our freeze driers are unloaded weekly. So if you bookmark this page and keeping popping back to it, you are bound to discover a blooming world of delightful lemon yellow dahlias, peachy hues of rose blooms, crisp white apple blossom or petite pink dianthus.

One of my favourite combinations is  fluffy pink begonia paired with bold pink fuchsia, but I think they must be everyones' favourite freeze dried edible flowers because they seem to be snapped up within moments of making them available online!

Or if you're looking for flower petals or smaller sprinkles, please visit our Flowerfetti Collection for the most beautiful natural sprinkles for your cupcakes and cocktails.

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